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While searching for the perfect vinyl flooring, you’ve probably encountered the term SPC. 


What is SPC? 

SPC stands for stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite which is the core material.  This compound is made of ground stone known as Limestone.  Limestone is a natural stone that is made from sedimentary rocks. It is formed under the bottom of the sea and is pressurized, which makes it durable, yet porous. 

Water proof & Damp Proof

Limestone as the main component of the SPC, thus, it's naturally water resistant and prevents mold and mildew.

Fire Proof

When comparing to other flooring materials, vinyl floors are both flame retardant and flame resistant. 

Eco friendly, zero formaldehyde

Free of formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling, flammable chemical that is produced industrially and used in building materials such as particleboard, plywood, and other pressed-wood products

Dimensional Stability

Unlike hardwood counterpart, it will not expand or contract during changes in temperature or humidity.  Also eliminates cupping and warping.

Abrasion Resistance

Spc flooring has a transparent wear resistance layer to resist being worn away by rubbing or friction

Anti Slip

The resin coated and textured surface makes this an anti-slip and very durable surface, and the nature of vinyl gives it a rubber-like surface.

Easy to install

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the simplest to install. It is easy to cut, requires no bonding to the subfloor, and snaps together edge to edge and end to end.

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